[B-Greek] MISEW in Lk 14:26

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Hi Antonio,


I don't have a Strong's Concordance, so I couldn't really refer to his entry on MISEW, but I did look over the BAG Lexicon's entry.  It gives meanings like "hate", "detest", and "abhor", so it is obviously a very strong word.  The word itself (as far as I can tell) doesn't mean "to love less".  If Luke paraphrased or quoted Jesus correctly, then Jesus really did say that his disciples must hate their families and their own lives.  The question is, what did Jesus mean by that, and that's a question that really can't be answered any better by the Greek than by the English.  I think there are good answers, but IMO they fall outside the parameters of this list since they involve issues of interpretation.  Perhaps I'm wrong on that point.  I would caution against using Strong's overmuch for this very reason.  Strong's gives you one or two glosses for a word, which doesn't really give one an idea of the full range of meaning that a word can have in various contexts.  A lexicon like BAGD (I have BAG, which I stole from my Dad several years ago!) actually gives a much better idea of what a word can mean in various contexts, which is far more helpful and accurate.


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> Ok. Let me try again,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas- 
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> I am doing a study on Luke 14:26 and I had a question about MISEO.
> Strongs gives the meaning as; possibly by extension to love less.
> My 1st questions is, what is it about the extension that leads to
> love less? and 2nd what possible greek word could be used by Luke
> instead of MISEO?
> Thanks
> Antonio
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