[B-Greek] The Concise Greek-English Lexicon of the NT by Danker(Nov 1) - any comments/page views?

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 15:08:11 EDT 2009

>Has anyone yet seen The Concise Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
by Danker, which will be available November 1? (Retail $55). Any
screenshots of pages so one can compare its entries with what BDAG has?>

Yes, I have a copy in my hands, all the way in Israel, as I write.
Well, more accurately I put the copy down to write two-handed.
But alas, my scanner doesn't work and camera's batteries are dead,
so no screen shots.

So it exists, should meet it's distribution schedule, and gives a
nice impression.
But I need time to ponder things like what to recommend a student for $55? Is
it worth a third of the big edition? It is certainly worth double or
triple of the thin
UBS dictionary, which lists for $30, but I consider that rather overpriced.
(The UBS dictionary could probably be dropped to about $10 and still make
profits.) Danker's Concise does use definitions in addition to glosses. At 380
pages it is starting to move in the size direction of Abbott-Smith's work.
So I'm going . . . hmmm ? That may turn out quite positive, or so-so,
Sorry to be so ambiguous, only had it a couple of days.


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