[B-Greek] Rev 21.4 APERCOMAI

Mitch Larramore mitchlarramore at yahoo.com
Thu May 14 23:16:33 EDT 2009


There is nothing difficult about my question. There is nothing in my question that even hints about one's philosophy or lack thereof. It is very straightforward. Please reread it and tell me if you are still having a hard time understanding my question. I'm getting a little upset with such nonsense, and people replying to my questions as if I've written them in cryptic Swahili. 

For those whose native language is not English, let me restate the question: How do you understand APERCOMAI in Rev 21.4? Can the word APERCOMAI bear the sense I've described (for example: pretend your best female friend was brutally raped and tortured; now, further pretend that you wake up only to find out that she was not harmed at all; you were just having a dream). I would not introduce Derivative Calculus (Disambiguation in Calculus) or Philosophy into any question asked out here on B-Greek. There is some brilliant thinkers who have put a lot of time into this use of APERCOMAI and trying to find a temporal analogy to help explain the concept. As you can see, there is no quick English gloss I can put under APERCOMAI that will capture the philological implications of this verb. This verb can have a meaning of significant depth.

Mitch Larramore
Sugar Land, Texas


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