[B-Greek] PEPRAKEN in Mt 13:46

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Subject: Matt. 13:46

Hi, Matt 13:46 uses the word PEPRAKEN which I think is the perfect of  
PRASSW. All the translations I can find translate it as "sold" but all  
the lexicons I can find say that it means "to do" or "practice" but  
may also mean collect, as of taxes or interest. Is the passage  
actually saying that the man in the parable went and collected all the  
money that people owed to him in order to buy the precious pearl? Or  
is that he is practicing his merchant's trade and liquidating his  
stock? Or does PEPRAKA actually mean "sold", and my lexicons just  
don't reflect that? Or am I getting confused about something?

Rob Daniel
PEPRAKEN in Mt 13:46 is perfect tense 3 sg. active from PIPRASKW; the  
root is PRA; the verb means "sell"; the root of PRASSW ("do,"  
"perform," "enact")  is PRAG; the perfect stem is PEPRAC-.

Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Ret)

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