[B-Greek] Is there a polite way to give correction?

Burrow Daniel danieleburrow at gmail.com
Thu May 1 05:03:43 EDT 2008

Greetings from a long time lurker and first time poster!

Dr. Buth your post is a message sent from Heaven. I am currently  
praying about what is the way I should go as regarding my educational  
future. Your "Option 3" (as shown below) is the exact track I would  
like to follow.

<<<<<<<<<< post snippet >>>>>>>>>

"Option 3. One could adopt a Koine pronunciation. This will sound  
fairly modern, but with distinctive sounds for ta and Y-psilon. The  
vowel symbol pairings, by sound equivalencies: EI=I, AI=E, W=O, OI=Y."

<<<<<<<<<< end post snippet >>>>>>>

By God's grand grace, I presently serve as a full-time pastor-teacher,  
full-time caregiver for my ever in declining health, Chronically  
diseased wife, and full-time college student at Crown college (via the  
online method). I will be graduating from Crown this Fall. In  
anticipation of this most happy event--I crammed a Bachelor's degree  
into a 20-year window by fits and starts--I am now looking at the  
how's, when's, and where's that would provide a track I could follow  
toward your "Option 3" solution.

Most of what I have found so far in the various M. Div programs is  
notably different from the "Living Koine Greek ( Part 1)" system that  
I briefly used, enjoyed, and found immediately practical. I had to put  
these aside when I was called as the full-time pastor of the church  
and, at the same time, became much more involved with my degree  
completion. I am saddened by my ignorance of Koine nearly every week  
as I begin clumsily exegeting the text for next Sunday's expository  
sermon. When I recollect how my entire class (in another college much  
less excellent than Crown) failed both Greek I and Greek II because  
our prof was a bit of an eccentric, I am saddened even further. We  
laid out our money to learn and received esoteric theories and  
impractical lectures instead. (We did receive nice "boot-leg"  
photocopies of Thayer's lexicon though!)

Anyhow, I am in hopes that you and the other gifted souls on this  
list, who happily give of themselves for the good of us all and the  
glory of our Saviour, might take a few moments to help me in this area.

Thank you once again for the labor of love you give unto us all as  
well as the most timely post.

Joyfully About Our Father's Business,

Daniel Burrow
Open Heart Baptist Church
Selah, WA 98942

P.S. As an aside, you might be delighted to know I gave these  
excellent materials to a young couple who will soon be on the mission  
field in Papua New Guinea. It is hoped these will aid them as they go  
about communicating God's Word.

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