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> On Oct 27, 2007, at 7:27 PM, Eric S. Weiss wrote:
> Yes, you need to get outside the NT and LXX if you are going to make
> any progress.
> Right now I am reading mostly Thucydides (narrative) which is a lot
> easier than reading Sophocles.

But Sophocles is so much fun...  :)

I'm working through the venerable Crosby and Schaeffer with my high school 
Greek students.  This text has readings from all over the Classical spectrum 
and even includes some NT readings, but really prepares the student to read 
Xenophon as their intermediate text.  I first read Thucydides in my second 
semester beyond intermediate, and found it tough going, especially the 
speech sections, but it all depends on the experience the reader brings to 
the text.  Still, I might suggest Xenophon before Thucydides...

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