[B-Greek] Please Do Not Discuss This On the d-greek list

Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Tue Oct 23 21:09:25 EDT 2007

I think some of us would find the list interesting, so perhaps it could be
posted without a discussion following.  If no one provides any help, most of
the Wesleyan-derived churches are non-Calvinist, so a list of denominations
springing from or influenced by Wesleyanism would give you one side of the
BTW it is Arminianism.  No connection, despite the spelling at many websites
to the contrary, with Armenia.  Armenia, as far as I know, continues with an
Orthodox understanding that ignores Calvin/Augustine and Arminius/Wesley
with admirable equity.
Kevin Riley
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From: Carl Thomas 
Date: 24/10/2007 10:50:25 AM 
To: B Greek 
Subject: [B-Greek] Please Do Not Discuss This On the d-Greek list 
*Please Do Not Discuss This On the d-Greek list*. 
Many years ago I had a list of where each *denomination *stood. 
Areminianism or Calvinism And in moving from place to place I have lost 
It. Does any body know of a web page that might have such information? 

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