[B-Greek] hWS AN construction in the LXX

Ian Scott iscott at tyndale.ca
Mon Oct 8 13:14:11 EDT 2007


I'm working on some LXX translation with some students and came across an odd use of the expression hWS AN in Deut 28:1. It appears in a subordinate clause: KAI ESTAI hWS AN DIABHTE TON IORDANHN EIS THN GHN . . .  The context is that Moses is outlining what will happen when the people enter Canaan if they keep the commandments. I would normally want to take hWS AN here in a conditional sense ("if you cross . . ."), but that doesn't seem to fit the sense here. The sense seems to demand that hWS AN mean "when" without much "unreality" attaching either to the AN or the subjunctive. But I haven't found any options in the lexica which would validate such a use of hWS AN. Any suggestions?



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