[B-Greek] Matt 13:32a

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Thank you very much George.

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>One more question about this passage. Not a critical one for understanding
>the passage but I find it interesting just the same.
>"hO MIKROTERON MEN ESTIN PANTWN TWN SPERMATWN" means "which is smaller than
>all the seeds" (Not: a bit on the small side) and "MEIZON TWN LAXANWN ESTIN
>KAI GINETAI DENDRON" means "is greatest among the vegetables and becomes a
>tree."(Not: of great importance compared to the other vegetables....)
>Mustard seeds are a bit on the small side but not the smallest by anyones
>standard and I don't think any mustard plant grows tall enough to be called
>a tree.
>Assumtions can get one in trouble but is it a reasonable assumption that
>SINAPI is not the same as our mustard?

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