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A hearty "amen" to Carl's comments. Another outstanding resource on
prepositions in the NT, EN in particular, is:

Murray J. Harris, "Appendix: Prepositions and Theology in the Greek New
Testament," pp. 1171-1215 in Dictionary of New Testament Theology, vol.
3, ed. by Colin Brown (a translation w/additions and revisions, of the
Theologisches Begriffslexikon zum neuen Testament)(Zondervan, 1978).

In the section devoted to EN, his topic headings are: 1. Extended NT
use; 2. Its versatility and ulitmate disappearance; 3. Exegetical
ambiguities; 4. Figurative sense; 5. Causal EN; 6. EN XRISTW

Don't let the title (i.e., "Prepositions and Theology")scare one off:
Harris (the author of the NIGTC volume on 2 Corinthians) virtually
always (I'm tempted to drop the "virtually," but caution prevents me)
works from the text and grammar towards theology, rather than starting
w/a theological system and trying to discover a basis for it in some
alleged use of certain prepositions.

Mike Holmes

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This is an oldie but goodie, from the late 50's, I think. The range of
Biblical usage of EN has been to me one of the greater puzzlements in my
own efforts to make better sense of the Greek of the GNT; perhaps that
has been the case with others.




I might just take this opportunity to add that an understanding of EN in
the GNT  is something that one cannot acquire consulting a glossary or
pocket lexicon; you can study the entry in BDAG carefully, looking at
examples of all significant usages listed in the references, but that
will take some time. This paper repays reading (and it's an effort for
those like me who have to use a 56K modem.

Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)

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