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> To respond to some earlier (but non-definitive) discussion of the order of 
> Greek difficulty of New Testament books, let me pass on the list that my 
> teacher and mentor, Dr. Glen Riddle, gives to each of his second year Greek 
> students.  The order is easy to difficult.
> 1 John
> John
> 2 John
> 3 John
> Revelation
> 1 Thessalonians
> 2 Thessalonians
> Philippians
> Ephesians
> Colossians
> Philemon
> Mark
> Matthew
> Titus
> 1 Corinthians
> Galatians
> Romans
> James
> Luke
> 1 Timothy
> 2 Timothy
> Jude
> 2 Corinthians
> 1 Peter
> 2 Peter
> Acts
> Hebrews

Pretty subjective.  I think I agree with having 1 John at the top, and Hebrews 
pretty near the bottom, but it all depends.  When I first read Acts, I had 
already had reading experience in Plato, Thucydides, Herodotus, and 
Aristophanes, so I didn't think it was too difficult at all, and much of the 
vocabulary which is "rare" in the rest of the NT was quite fine for me.  As a 
Classics grad student, I was doing some research on Apocalyptic literature, and 
asked a fellow Ph.D. student in Classics (whose Greek was excellent) his opinion 
on a passage in Revelation, and he couldn't read it because of the vocabulary. 
So "difficult" can at times be a difficult assessment to make.  I would push 
Mark up to the top of the heap, and I find John "deceptively easy" in terms of 
constructions, but much more interesting stylistically than is sometimes 
observed.  I guess really, I don't even think about this anymore, not really.  I 
do think it's fun to have intermediate students read Mark or John, and then 
switch them to 2 Peter or Hebrews.... <evil snicker>

N.E. Barry Hofstetter
Classics and Bible Instructor
The American Academy

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