[B-Greek] Hebrew/Greek internet parsing resource?

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Thu Nov 16 21:34:22 EST 2006

Better than an interlinear (heaven forfend that anyone would suggest use 
of one of those things) is Zack Hubert's online resource-


You simply place your cursor over the word that's giving you fits and 
viola, up pops the definition and the location (or the parsing- I 
suppose the term you use depends on which you learned).


David Couric wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is any free access Hebrew and/or Greek text
> resource on the internet in which it looks like pages from an
> interlinear, with complete parsing under each word (ideally between the
> Hebrew/Greek and the English translation)? If so, please CC me at the
> email address below.
> Thanks,

Jim West, ThD

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