[B-Greek] Rev. 8:9--what died?

Bert de Haan b_dehaan at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 15 18:19:06 EST 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 10:25:15 -0800
  "Webb" <webb at selftest.net>
".....What I need to know now is, were fish considered in first-century 
Jewish thinking to be
"living souls", cf. PASA YUCH ZWHS (Rev. 16:3), as human beings and other
air-breathing animals are (cf. Gen. 1:30 LXX, cf. Gen. 2:7 LXX)? I have a
strong feeling that Jews wouldn't have seen fish and insects and crustaceans
and mollusks and worms and so on as belonging in that category. But I can't
remember where I learned that. "

(BdH)  After comparing the YUCH enties in Cunliffe (Homeric) and Middle 
Liddell I get the impression that YUCH meant "life" before it meant 
Cunliffe is quite a detailed lexicon but breath is not mentioned at all 
under YUCH (athough YUCW is listed as "to breath, blow) but in Middle 
Liddell it is the first thing listed.
Maybe that indicates that ECONTA YUCAS primarily means 'having life' more so 
than 'having breath.'
I think this is relevant but maybe the time span between Homer and the NT is 
to great to be useful in comparing.
Bert de Haan.

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