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I've been away for a few days, and I don't know if anyone has answered this.  Here is all that I have been able to find regarding any transcription of Vaticanus.

For the story of the early collations, and the first, notoriously inaccurate, full transcription by Mai, see Kenyon (1912: 77–79). A photographic reprint of the whole manuscript was made in 1889–90. A reprint of the NT alone was made in 1968, for presentation to the more distinguished of those attending the Second Vatican Council. 

Freedman, D. N. (1996, c1992). The Anchor Bible Dictionary (1:1075). New York: Doubleday.


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All in the group

I am sitting here looking a advertisement for a Interlinear Old Testament LXX. The text is said to be from the 1587 edition of the Vatican manuscript Codex B.

My question to the group, is this a reliable work and can it be trusted in what I would say, most cases?

Thank you for any and all input.
John B. Senterfitt 
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