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You are conflating three distinct subjects here.

Students benefit from reading aloud regardless of which type of
pronunciation is used.  One does not have to employ Modern Greek
pronunciation to emphasize reading aloud.

I have no wish to prolong the interminable discussion about Modern versus
Erasmian versus Koine pronunciation that has dominated this list for the
last year or so.  This dead hobby horse has been flogged long enough.  (My
apologies for the mixed metaphors!)

Regarding the primacy of reading ability in pedagogy, those who insist on
teaching ancient Greek conversationally might take issue with you, but most
instruction in the real world does not use that approach.  For those taking
a traditional, non-conversational approach, I agree wholeheartedly with your
inductive approach, which is why I have been using the Athenaze textbook for
the Greek class that I'm teaching at my church.  Each chapter begins with a
vocabulary list and a reading passage which incorporates the new features of
grammar that only later are discussed in a deductive, systematic way.  I
find that the students are more highly motivated because they are actually
reading Greek, and when they do reach the systematic explanations they make
more sense because they have already encountered the new grammar in the
reading passages.

It should be noted that incorporating Greek composition into one's teaching
method does provide some of the same benefit that a conversational approach
gives, because both require that the student actively generate the language
rather than simply passively recognizing patterns.  Athenaze employs a
modest amount of Greek composition.

I would be interested in learning which textbooks you use that employ an
inductive approach.  Could you share that with the list?

Thank you.

Steve Westfall

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Steve, you talked about reading aloud. Just in the last few days since
signing up for this interesting list, I have been heartened to learn that
other colleges teach NT Greek with the modern pronunciation.
I have been doing this for the past 25 years at Atlanta Bible College and
had enquired from Zodhiates if other places were doing NT Greek with the
modern pronunciation. Only just recently did I learn from this list that
others like the idea of pronouncing the language as it is today, a living
We insist that our students first gain a good fluent reading ability before
getting into to much learning of verb charts, etc. My approach has been the
inductive method, using the students' desire to decipher "the code" and
search out the meanings.

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