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Curtis Hinson curtis at curtishinson.com
Sat Apr 22 15:20:54 EDT 2006

I have found it disturbing that I've lived in/near, studied at and 
worked with a Christian university for years that claims to take it's 
supposed biblical heritage very seriously. Yet I can find no one to 
speak Greek with! I can actually go over there and speak in modern OR 
first-century Judeo-Greek and get blank looks from full-time Greek 
instructors. Even those that try to reply have no understanding of how 
the language sounds. Sad.

/The heart is compared to an altar./

—/Akeida,Tzav; Torat HaOlah /1:24

If anybody is teaching students "metaGreek" just enough to spit out some 
profound-sounding root fallacies and get preacher jobs, it's a waste of 
time. MetaGreek will never be enough to understand the text as it was 
meant to be understood, it pushes people further away. Indeed rebirth 
should be the goal. I think we need an Eliezer Ben-Yehuda type movement 
for Greek.

Bless the Name
Curtis Hinson

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bitan buth wrote:
> I understand the academic committees in real life. But that doesn't make
> their judgment sound or correct. I think that we have not given them correct
> models of success in the past. One thing that helps me is a comparison with
> Hebrew. When students get to a level of fluently controlling the language
> and reading biblical and mishnaic texts from within the language, discussing
> them in the language, they don't go back to a lower level and would not
> trade in their skill for foreign translations, dictionaries, or grammatical
> descriptions. Not that there is anything wrong with having those latter
> items. A language is like a new world and learning a new language is a kind
> of newbirth. I actually expect academic committees to expect Biblical Hebrew
> teachers to speak modern Hebrew in about 20 years. (Upcoming students take
> note!) I don't have such illusions for ancient Greek of any dialect. But
> hope is renewable. EPI TINI ELPIZOMEN? 
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