[B-Greek] ORQOTOMEW in 2 Tim 2:15

Eddie Mishoe edmishoe at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 10:43:05 EDT 2006

(Be reminded that this passage begins with the concept
of teaching others, and those teaching other faithful
and competent ones, etc.) I've often wondered if the
idea here is not that of (TOM-) cutting in the sense
of dividing or separating out (so as to install a road
or bridge). It would then yield the idea of "rightly
systematizing or categorizing the word of truth." In
modern times, we call the results of such an
undertaking Sytematic Theology. Such a work, would
need one to be a "proven worker." It will be a long
and hard process to systematize the scriptures, both
OT and NT, but without this TOM- of the word, people
(2.18) have strayed from the truth, pulling some
passage of the resurrection, for example, out of
context and drawing unsystematic conclusions. Such a
process will not avoid misinterpretation; rather, Paul
is simply giving Timothy the proper methodology to employ.

Eddie Mishoe

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