[B-Greek] Gospel of Peter Greek and a question

Arie Dirkzwager dirkzwager at pandora.be
Thu Oct 7 18:20:24 EDT 2004

Dear Wieland,

A strange history but an interesting question.

The I of TI seems to be written through a very broad U. One could even think
the combination is a Y, but after a T and before a N that is impossible.

However three lines higher there is the word CEIRAGWGOUMENOU. You see twice
a G. Those G's are connected with the letter before them with a curved
stroke similar to the first half of the "very broad U" in TI we were talking

So it is probible that the first half of the "very broad U" is a link
between the T and the I of the word (?) TI.
In the same way the second half of the "very  broad U" can be seenas the
link between the I and the following N.

So the MS reads TINAI.

The second question is how to interpret this.
There are several possibilities.

You mentioned a mutilated hOTI NAI.
It is also possible that the copyist found in the MS he was copying TI with
added NAI.
hUPAKOH ...... TI is a possible combination "some answer". NAI can be a
variant found by someone in another MS and consequently added to or above
the word TI he read in his own text.
It is a common source of mistakes that a copyist insets into his text both
variants he found in the text he was copying together thinking that the
variant was only a word to be added to the text.

I hope my English is clear enough.


Dr. A. DirkzwagerHoeselt, Belgium
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Onderwerp: [B-Greek] Gospel of Peter Greek and a question

> Since there is a new definitive edition out about the Gospel of Peter, I
> have checked my Greek text once again and have it now hopefully error
> free at:
> http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/texteapo/GPeter-Greek.html
> I found that there is an interesting textcritical question here at a
> crucial point, namely the NAI communicated by "The Cross that Spoke" (D.
> Crossan).
> Have a look at:
> http://www-user.uni-bremen.de/~wie/texteapo/NAI.jpg
> What we really read here is:
> The editors note that it looks like if the I of TI is written over
> something else.
> The question is how to interpret this TINAI. It looks strange. I already
> discussed this with some people and also posted it to the
> textualcriticism list, but so far no convincing solution came up.
> I am now posting this cross to invite more brains.
> Best wishes
>     Wieland
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