[B-Greek] "Inceptive" aor. subj. in Matthew 24:34?

bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca
Tue Jun 17 19:57:12 EDT 2003

 Thank you for your comments (including one off-list reply).
In all fairness I'll have to mention that it was not Mounce's exegetical insight but it was written by a "guest"-writer.
Your comments sure give me something to study. As I was reading that the key to understanding this passage lies in the meaning of GENEA, I thought:"Didn't Iver Larsen have a discussion on this word a while back? I'll have to look it up" Sure enough, the next message was from Iver.
It sure is tempting for a beginner to accept an explanation that takes the mystery out of a passage.
It does leave me wondering about the meaning of Luke 1:20 but that is not for this list.

Bert de Haan. 

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