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Fri Jan 17 17:30:11 EST 2003

As a little-KOINEgreek I have ALWAYS found it instructive to look at LSJ, 
and Moulton-Milligan whenever I have been doing serious exegesis. BDAG and 
its predecessors gave historical/secular uses in very condensed form. L&N 
has its strengths, but is completely uninformative about secular greek. The 
fact is a lexicographer can cut the semantic range of a given word in a 
number of ways, and comparing entries in BDAG with LSJ can be enlightening. 
The emphasis on secular greek also opens up interpretive possibilities which 
"Biblical lexicography" tend to skew. I thought our brief thread on BAPTIZW 
from a couple of months back might be illustrative of what can be learnt 
from perusing what is admittedly a dated tool, whose lexical semantics might 
not be fully up to scratch, but which is a vast compendium of data.

Hefin Jones
BD Student Moore College, Sydney

>From: "Eric S. Weiss" <eweiss at>

>I am all Koine, and have not taken a class in Classical Greek. I have the
>new BDAG, which I understand has greatly extended the lexical knowledge
>past BAGD so that perhaps some of the CL. Greek knowledge in LSJ (9) might
>be reflected in BDAG.
>I could spend $65 on LSJ (9) and not miss the money, but it seems that at
>my level of Greek knowledge, I don't need it and likely would have very
>little use for it, and that if I have to check Cl. Greek words, the
>Intermediate or Abridged editions (even though they're based on LS 8)
>would suffice, in conjunction with BDAG.

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