Josephus Antiquities 1:2:34

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I assume you mean PhYSIOL*O*GEIN. H. St. John Thackeray  in the Loeb translation
(Ant. 1.34) translates: "And here, after the seventh day, Moses begins *to interpret
nature*, writing on the formation of man in these terms "etc. In 1.18 PhYSIOLOGI/A is

rendered as "natural philosophy. " In a footnote Thackeray says: "i.e. the
investigation of the origin of existence in the account of creation."
Al Pietersma

Jerker Karlsson wrote:

> In the online edition of the Greek text of Antiquities the word
> Physiolegein occurs. In Whinstons translation translated as "talk
> philosophically". Since this makes very little sense to me (and the
> library is closed due to the holidays) could anyone take a look in a
> critical edition of the text and see if there are any variant readings or
> make any comment that could enlighten me on this subject.
> Regards
> /Jerker Karlsson
> Lund, Sweden
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