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Actually, there is a more recent book on synonyms that
does just that. 

Custer, Stewart. A Treasury of New Testament Synonyms.
Greenville, South Carolina: Bob Jones University
Press, 1975. 143 pages. ISBN: 0890840253

--- "Jeffrey B. Gibson" <jgibson000 at attbi.com> wrote:
> I'm surprised that no one has explicitly pointed out
> that Trench produced his
> book (a) before the discovery of the papyri and much
> of the epigraphical data
> and (b) that the material he was drawing on in his
> claims about what was and
> what wasn't a synonym of Greek words used by NT
> authors was primarily (if not
> exclusively) from the Classical Period of Greek
> literature, thus giving an
> anachronistic slant to the semantic range of the
> words whose meanings he was
> trying to illustrate.
> Perhaps what we need is a new Trench that is more
> synchronic in nature than
> the old Trench is/was  and which makes use of the
> data to which Trench was not
> privy?
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