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This link is to the entry for APO in Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon at Perseus: 


There are entries that seem relevant to a reading of "apart from." Ie: I.2 and I:7. Here are some excerpts from the site: 


I. OF PLACE, the earliest, and in Hom. the prevailing sense: 


2. of Position, away from, far from, menôn a. hês alochoio Il.2.292 (cf. ap' andros einai to live apart from a man or husband, Plu.CG4); kekrummenos ap' allôn Od.23.110 ; mounos ap' allôn h.Merc.193 ; ap' ophthalmôn, ap' ouatos, far from sight or hearing, Il.23.53, 18.272, cf. 22.454; a. thalassês ôikisthêsan Th.1.7 , cf. 46; aulizesthai a. tôn hoplôn Id.6.64 ; ap' oikou einai Id.1.99 ; speudein a. rhutêros far from, i.e. without using the rein, S.OC900; in Hom. freq. strengthd., têle a. . ., nosphin a. . ., Il.23.880, 5.322; in measurement of distances, hoson ie stadia a. Phulês X.HG2.4.4 , etc.; but later the numeral follows a., pêgas echôn a. m stadiôn tês thalassês D.S.4.56 ; a. stadiôn k tês poleôs Plu.Phil.4 ; katestratopedeusen a. n stadiôn fifty stades away, Id.Oth.11, cf. D.Chr.17.17. 

3. of the mind, a. thumou away from, i. e. alien from, my heart, Il.1.562; a. doxês 10.324 ; ou . . a. skopou oud' a. doxês Od.11.344 ; a. tou anthrôpeiou tropou Th.1.76 ; ouden a. tropou not without reason, Pl.R.470b; ouk a. skopou, kairou, Id.Tht.179c, 187e; ouk a. gnômês S. Tr.389 ; ouk a. tou pragmatos D.24.6 ; mala pollon ap' elpidos epleto A.R.2.863 . 


8. a. anthrôpou heôs gunaikos man and woman, LXX1 Es.9.40; a. arsenikou heôs thêlukouib.Nu.5.3. 

9. from being, instead of, athanatan a. thnatas . . epoiêsas Berenikan Theoc.15.106 . 

10. privative, free from, without, a. pasês akatharsias PLips.16.19 (ii A. D.); a. zêmias PTeb420.4 (iii A. D.). 

Notice the last entry: 


arguriou drachmôn1 ei[kosi] as?[per] apo-


dôsô soi kath' [e]tos en?...[.c 5] 


kai meta ton chronon pa[r]ad[ôsô so]i 


sun tais ephaistôsais th[urais] k[ai] 


kleisi kai apo pasês akatharsias, ean 


Obviously Paul could not have served God since/as his forefathers did, and it is clear that young Timothy also was at variance with his father.


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