Morphology of Biblical Greek

Harry W. Jones hjbluebird at
Thu May 23 22:29:31 EDT 2002

Dear Brent,

I don't know what could have happened I just see any rules just a lot
of paradigms. I was hoping to find rules that would give me all the 
verb tense forms.

Best Regards,
Harry Jones

> The first 61 pages contain the rules (47 if you don't count accents).  I=
>  think the best way to use the book is inductively.  When you locate a form=
>  in the GNT that you don't understand, you can look up the root in the=
>  index of MBG and then read about that class of word in the body of the=
>  text.  By understanding how that specific word is formed, you learn an=
>  entire class of words.  All of the explanations of morphology in MBG are=
>  based on the rules found in the first 47 pages.  I'm surprised you didn't=
>  notice this since even the back cover clearly lists the five divisions of=
>  the book (of which #1 is: "The rules that determine how Greek words=
>  change").
> Brent Hudson
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> On 5/23/2002  Harry W. Jones wrote:
> >Not long ago I ordered a copy of "The Morphology of Biblical
> >Greek" by Mounce. He advertises his book as showing how Greek
> >word forms (even the most irregular)are derived by means of
> >a limited set of rules. I felt that if the book could just 
> >do that my money would be well spent. Well when the book came
> >I sat down and looked through it but could not find anywhere
> >in the book where Mounce did this. So I gave the book back and
> >told them I didn't want it.
> >
> >Harry Jones
> >
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