Books for Beginners

hefin jones hefinjones at
Fri May 17 22:30:35 EDT 2002


It seems that Mounce has carried all before it in the "Books for Beginners" 
stakes...  May I put my two pennies worth in? Maybe people in the US have 
different expectations of what any book is meant to do but I find Mounce 
like many other US texts unbelieveably verbose. If brevity is more your 
thing try Wenham "Elements of NT Greek" CUP - if you wait long enough you 
might try Jeremy Duff's re-write of Wenham. If like me you dislike 
traditional grammar then try John Dobson's "Learn NT Greek".

The top two tips: (1) find a friend to learn it with (2) Learn vocab. 
paradigms (both nominal and verbal) and translate all at once, even if the 
translations are a mess to begin with!

Hefin Jones

Moore College, Sydney.

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