[OT] fonts and copyright (was: Teaching Greek on Blackboard)

Daniel Riaño danielrr at eresmas.net
Sun Mar 31 13:07:51 EST 2002

gfsomsel (AKA Polycarpus) wrote:
>I'm not a lawyer, and this is not a legal judgment; however, it doesn't
>logically seem to me that the **mapping** could be copyrighted.

andDave Willis wrote:

>i really doubt that mappings can be under copyright - it would be

Thanks, that is my thoughts, too. It is true that an intelligent 
mapping is a very important value for a family of fonts (in practice, 
it turned out that *that* was the most important value!) but since 
there is only a certain number of reasonable font mappings in a 255 
(-32) ASCII grid it seems unreasonable to conceive that a specific 
font mapping can be copyrighted: The number of theoretically possible 
combinations for the Greek letters and diacritics is indeed huge, but 
it would be pointless to map lower case alpha to any other key 
position but "a" (97), beta to "b" (98), ktl. I'd just like to be 
sure: and the pont of all that is (since some ist members may wonder 
why are we are dealing with such matters on B-Greek): wouldn't it be 
nice to have one or two freeware Greek fonts (BM, PS and TT) with the 
mapping of the most standarized families of fonts? Agreed, in few 
years Unicode will  be standard, but there is plenty of time ahead 
before that happens.
Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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