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Thu Mar 14 15:48:00 EST 2002

on 3/14/02 10:59 AM, c stirling bartholomew wrote:

> on 3/14/02 7:28 AM, Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
>> S -> NP VP 
>> VP -> VP ADV
>> VP -> V NP
>> ADV -> Prep NP
>> NP -> .... 
>> I wonder if there are any search engines where I type in  a sentence or
>> phrase pattern at levels higher than word levels. For example, I would
>> like to request: search sentences which have the pattern of the form
>> NP VP Participial. Or VP epi NP Or VP eis NP or VP en NP, etc.
> You can seach for NP's
> and VP's in Accordance if you are smart enought to define your own NP/VP
> rules using the construct window. If you have been doing early-Chomsky for a
> few decades this should not be too difficult. Your rules will not cover
> everything possible NP/VP but with a little care they can do what you want
> them to do. 

One little qualification. Self-referencing (recursive) rules are not
permitted in Accordance. If you want to define structures which are
self-referencing you are required to fully specify the rules. Rule XY is not
allowed to "call" any other rule that uses rule XY as part of its

This may seem like a major stumbling block to the old guys who used LISP and
PROLOG back in the dark ages. However, in natural languages the level of
recursion is typically not very deep. Some of the people who have done work
in the clause structure of Hebrews might take issue with this last
statement. Hebrews and 2nd Peter would be two books to test your rule
writing skills on. 

One rule of thumb. If you can't read it you will probably not be able to
write a rule to define it. My very first exposure to NT Greek was an
exercise in writing clause/phrase rules in PROLOG using E.V.N Goetchius as a
guide. I "hit the wall" fairly quickly with this.

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