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Thu Oct 18 09:34:21 EDT 2001

Hopefully, not to belabor the John 21 text, but to make
a case for FILEW's uses, I suggest that FILEW, like our word love,
can be used at both ends of a spectrum.

"I love my new shoes." vs  "I love my child."

Here, the distinction is obvious, even without a context at all.

I therefore think one could support the following chart:

FILEW   -->   AGAPAW  -->  FILEW


FILEW1   -->   AGAPAW  -->  FILEW2

Where FILEW1 is "I love my new shoes."

If we transfer this distinction into the relationship area,
we would have:

I am fond of  --> I greatly respect  -->  I love deeply/passionately

To me, the issue is whether or not FILEW can attach itself
to both ends of such a relationship spectrum. Can it?

What I understand about FILEW is that it seems to focus
on the emotional side, whereas AGAPAW tends toward the rational side.
To anticipate an objection, FILEW2 would require AGAPAW,
both its initial attainment and current possession. Hence,
one can love a girl friend (FILEW1), but before one can deeply
fall in love and marry her (FILEW2), he must first traverse AGAPAW,
otherwise, it would be ERWS   :o )


Mark Wilson

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