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I fininshed a paper on I Timothy 1:1-12 about two months ago.  The hot-spot of the passage is the translation of ARSENKOITOS (homosexual).  Without getting myself thrown off the list, I would like to solocite some who believe this word to mean something other than the BAGD definition (ie it means an "abusive homosexual partner.")  I am NOT trying to start a theological discussion of whether homosexuality is right or wrong.  

The main problem is that it appears that Paul created the word from the juxta-position of Leviticus 20:13, so it is difficult to go to secular Greek and get a good definition of the word.

During my studies of the passage, I only found commentaries, journal articles, etc. that explained the other side.  I am interested in responses from those that actually believe the other side or in links, books, etc. that are from the other side.

Thanks in advance for any response.

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