PAIDA young man or boy?

Tony Costa tmcos at
Fri Dec 8 17:55:55 EST 2000

Dear Friends,

  I had a question regarding the word PAIDA. It is usually translated as 
child, boy,lad or sometimes "young man" as in the NIV at Acts 20:12.
In this chapter of Acts 20, the same person is identified as both NEANIAS 
(young man) in 20:9 and PAIDA in 20:12. My question is, can PAIDA be used 
interchangeably with NEANIAS?
  An intersting passage on the subject is found in the LXX in 2 Kings 
2:23-24 where it mentions the PAIDARIA MIKRA ("small children") that scoffed 
at the prophet Elisha. The Hebrew MT seems to support the idea that the word 
N'ARIM can be translated "young men" or "youths" as in other places in the 
Hebrew Bible. Any comments? Regards,

                                               Tony Costa
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