Son of Man

Timothy E. Mills TEMsMail at
Fri Aug 18 09:10:27 EDT 2000

Following this thread, I have not seen a refrence to the work of C.H. 

Without reviewing his book, his "The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel" 
is a good source for information on the Gospel of John, including the 
phrase Son of Man in Biblical and extra-biblical material.  Although not 
solely dealing with Son of Man, his tenth chapter, pp 241-249 does deal 
with Gnostic sources, as well as similar phrases in Hebrew, eg. Gen 28: 
10-22 and John 1:51 (John's first use of the phrase Son of Man.

While this is not light reading, it is worth the work.  I believe the book 
is out of print, but I was able to obtain a good copy by going through a 
web site specializing in used, rare and out of print books. Other copies 
should be available in the market.

Tim Mills

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