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The Psalms were among the first scriptures translated to Old Church Slavonic 
by the Greek missionaires.  These date for the Ninth Century and are 
translated by native Greek speakers.  For this phrase they render:


TROCOS is translated KOLESI,a wheel of a wagon.

The phrase reads:
The voice of your thunder within the wheel

>From: "clayton stirling bartholomew"
>A few more comments on TROCOS in Psalm 77:19 (76:19).
>In my last post I raised the question, what words were available to the 
>translator of this Psalm to render GLGL as "whirlwind?"

They would have used the term VICHR if they saw "whirlwind" as the intended 
meaning.  This is also a figurative expression among the Slavs.

Just to sneak a little unrelated etymology here.  The word HLAS, meaning 
voice, becomes the title given to modes of singing in the Slavic chant 
systems, translating to English as "Tone".

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