Etymology of AGAQOS

Richard Maurer rsmaurer at
Fri Nov 26 21:30:52 EST 1999

> The only=20
> recent English resource on etymology which I've seen is: "New Comparative=20
> Grammar of Greek and Latin" by Andrew L. Sihler (Oxford UP, 1995), which=20
> attempts to replace Buck's "Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin" (U of=20
> Chicago P, 1933). I personally found Sihler's work much more difficult to=20
> read than Buck's.

I'd like to put in a good word for Sihler. His book is really about the 
origin of the morphological and phonological features of Greek, Latin, 
Sanskrit, and a lot of other IE languages. If you've got "why" questions 
about peculiarities of declension, conjugation, and other aspects of Greek 
grammar, he just might be your man.

Richard Maurer

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