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Thu Nov 25 23:45:38 EST 1999

Here is an example of how the LEH Lexicon falls short as a lexicon.

In Psalm 77:19 (76:19) we find the word TROCOS which is a translation
for the Hebrew word GLGL.

LEH gives us the following on TROCOS

2 Sm 24:22; 1 Kgs 7:17,18,19(bis)(30.32(bis).33)wheel  (of a chariot)
Sir 33:5; id.  (of an agricultural implement) 2 Sm 24:22; potter¹s wheel
Sir 38:29; wheel of torture  4 Mc 15:22

LS (intermdiate) gives us:

anything that runs round:
 I. a round cake,  Od.
 II. a wheel,  Il., Soph.;  to imitate wheels,  of one who bends back so
as to form a wheel, Xen.
  2. a potters wheel,  Il.
  3. the wheel of a stage-machine
  4. the wheel of torture,
 III. a boys hoop,
 . . .  etc.

In Psalm 77:19 LS (intermediate) gives us the data we need to make sense
out of our text: "anything that runs round" or "to imitate wheels" in
this case a whirlwind. LEH, however,  fails to give us the data we need.
As a lexicon of the LXX this is a serious shortcoming.

Just thought I would show a specific example to those who might think
some of us are being overly harsh in our evaluation of this lexicon.
Keep in mind I did point out that LEH is worth having in your library. I
am not trashing the book but just pointing out that it cannot be used in
isolation form other resources.


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