Meeting of B-Greekers at SBL

Mon Nov 22 15:44:17 EST 1999


Jeffrey Gibson will no doubt write later about the gathering's discussion
--but he is reading a paper just two hours from now, which I will miss
because I am more ill than I was, and am trying to rest at home again.

In any event, eleven of us met at Jeffrey's call, 8:00 a.m. till 9:00 a.m. 
on Sunday morning, 21 November 1999.  We had the advantage of a proper
room in the Hilton (which Wellesley had rented for the day to interview
candidates for a Hebrew Bible position here).  Present were: 
(alphabetical order)

Vince Endris
Jeffrey Gibson (our convenor)
Mark Goodacre
Jan Hailey
Edward Hobbs
Andrew Porter
Benjamin Raymond
Scott Sherwood
Bill Skelton
Bill Warren
Carlton Winbery (Co-Chair)

At the Saturday morning informal aisle-crowder near Gramcord were also:

AKM Adam
James Ernest
Stephen Carlson
Randal Buth
Edgar Krentz

A fine tradition!  Jeffrey has done us all a service by calling for this
gathering three years in a row now.

Edward Hobbs

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