Kalos Computer Programme

Benjamin Raymond bfraymond at prodigy.net
Fri Jul 30 17:56:42 EDT 1999

At 05:25 AM 7/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I downloaded at work.  It came in really fast with no problems. 
>I'm worried about screwing up my PC, though.
>Are there no problems with it?
>I don't want to install freeware from the other side of the globe sight
>unseen unless there's some reassurance.


What a fabulous program; Mariana and Gonzalo put a lot of work into this

I downloaded and installed it with no problems.  With the Kalos True Type font
installed, everything runs beautifully here.

Of course, I did monitor the installation with Cleansweep.  But the only thing
I really object to is the unbidden addition of a shortcut to my Win98 Start
menu.  Easily remedied.

Thanks to these folks for providing free of charge (at least for now) such a
thoughtful piece of software!

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