Jesus' Word's in Mk. 8:23,26

Joseph Brian Tucker music at
Thu Jul 29 14:53:05 EDT 1999


I am working through the Greek of the Gospels and I came across Mark 
8:23,EI TI BLEPEIS and 8:26, MHDE EIS THN KWMHN EISELQHS. John J. Rousseau 
said, "It is useless to argue about the exact wording of the Greet text and 
how the original language could have been translated." In light of the fact 
that the Jesus Seminar gave these verses a unanimous "black rating."

Do you have any thoughts concerning these two sayings. What grammatical 
criteria should be used to determine the Greek in Jesus sayings, seperate 
from the issues of embarrassment, coherence, and subversive character.

I am interested in the grammatical guidelines, not the theological 


Brian Tucker, M.A.
Riverview, MI

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