Kalos Computer Programme

Mark Goodacre M.S.GOODACRE at bham.ac.uk
Thu Jul 29 10:43:51 EDT 1999

This may be old news to some on the list, in which case apologies, but I have just 
downloaded the excellent Kalos Computer Programme, free at the following URL:

It takes a bit to download (5 zip files) and install but it is well worth it -- 
here is their blurb:

"KALOS is a computer program which conjugates verbs in Classic 
Greek. It provides, under 32-bit appearance, a very original method for 
displaying results. Makes Greek verbs fun and easy!. Contains search 
under different criteria (meaning, root) and can be used as round 
dictionary. As far as we know, it's more comprehensive than all major 
works on the subject, such as "Tutti I verbi Grecci" or any well known 
dictionary such as Liddell-Scott."
I am afraid that they have no programme for the Mac, however, nor any 
plans to produce one.  But PC users should definitely have a look at this.

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