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The URL below caused the last sentence of my message to be omitted. Here's
the corrected, unabridged version:

At 8:50 PM -0400 7/27/99, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>At 8:28 PM -0400 7/27/99, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>>I am looking for some reasonably easy Hellenistic Greek that is interesting
>>but not too difficult. Right now, I'm slogging my way through Hebrews, and
>>finding it not particularly easy. Much of the relatively easy stuff in the
>>New Testament I have already read, and though I enjoy rereading it quite a
>>bit, I think it might be helpful to read some new stuff that isn't as much
>>effort as Hebrews.
>>Did Tony Hillerman write anything in Koine? If not, what would you all
>I've read through all of Tony Hillerman's reservation mysteries but I don't
>think there's anything Greek there--nor for that matter, anything to
>practice your Navaho or Anasazi on.
>I would recommend, however, for sheer fun, that you take a look at
>"Lucius," of which we've spoken on this list before, and which you will
>find posted at our Brazilian friends' site:
>It is definitely 2nd c. A.D. Koine, very easy to read, although you will
>need some vocabulary that is not to be found in the GNT--and there's the
>accompanying, relatively easy Greek grammar that is written in the
>Katharevousa, which is essentially a modern Koine:

It is a picaresque novelette, as rollicking and raunchy as anything by
Joseph Fielding.

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