Greek/Hebrew and Bibliographic Programs

David Luckensmeyer DHLUCKENSMEYER at
Mon Jul 19 06:34:19 EDT 1999

I am a student, currently enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Queensland. Several of my fellow students in the scientific world were appauled when they found out that I was not using a bibliographic program for my thesis.

I have been told that "EndNote 3.0" is currently the best available program for managing and producing bibliographies. I downloaded a free 30-days-trial version of the program, but have yet to find a way to input titles which include Greek (or Hebrew) words.

Does anyone know about EndNote 3.0 and its capabilities in the font area?
Does anyone know about other and possibly better programs of like nature?
Perhaps such programs like EndNote 3.0 are for Science and not for the Arts and Humanities?


David Luckensmeyer
PhD Candidate
Studies in Religion
University of Queensland

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