any info on Carl Ruck or John Clabeaux?

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Mon Jul 5 20:01:17 EDT 1999

At 7:41 PM -0400 7/5/99, Benjamin Raymond wrote:
>As I begin work on my MTS at Boston University this fall, it seems that
>classes with Carl Ruck and John Clabeaux will each fit nicely into my
>Both are year-long classes in introductory Greek, which I think is best
>after three 8-week terms in a less-than-desirable setting (read: crash
>course).  I would do just as well to start over.
>Has anyone any familiarity with either of these two?  Perhaps you've had a
>chance to peruse Ruck's _Ancient Greek: A New Approach_ or have some info
>on Clabeaux's syllabus?
>I will have access to other Boston Theological Institute schools as well,
>if you might have suggestions.

I used Ruck's book in its first and second editions in less than ideal
circumstances. If you're doing beginning Greek with Carl Ruck himself, I
think you're very fortunate; it's the nearest thing to the Dartmouth method
used in teaching modern languages that there is for ancient Greek. You'll
learn to think in Greek or come pretty close to it. I don't know anything
about Clabeaux' work.

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