[Fwd: Tense of TETAGMENOI in Acts 13:48]

clayton stirling bartholomew c.s.bartholomew at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jul 1 20:19:57 EDT 1999

> Is it common for hOSOS to introduce adjectival clauses?  


This is a semantics question as much as a syntax question. A relative
clause can be used to limit a substantive. And at first and second
glance that is how I read this relative clause, limiting the subject of
the main verb.

>I struggled over whether to take it as an adjectival clause or as an adverbial
>clause indicating to what extent the Gentiles believed.

I would take it as indicating what subset of the Gentiles believed. It
doesn't seem to tell me anything about the act of believing. It does
seem to tell me something about those who believed. Does this make

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