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I pulled this from our OCLC FirstSearch databases. Hope it helps.

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There's no location listed for the dissertation, only an abstract and
bibliographic info. I'm a systems analyst, not a librarian, so I'm not sure
where you'd go to get it. Perhaps Dallas' library would provide it since
they hold it?

Database: Dissertations 
Degree: PH.D. 
Year: 1995 
Advisor: Adviser:; BUIST M. FANNING, III 
Source: DAI, 56, no. 05A, (1995) 
Abstract: The thesis of this dissertation is that the semantics of the
article-substantive-$kappaalphaacuteiota$ -substantive construction (TSKS)
have been largely misunderstood. This misunderstanding has adversely
impacted the exegesis of several theologically significant texts. The body
of the dissertation is divided into three parts: historical investigation,
linguistic-phenomenological analysis of the construction, and exegetical
implications. That is to say, the reasons for the misunderstanding are
traced historically; a better comprehension of the semantics of the
construction is established by an examination of primary literature in the
light of linguistic theory; and the implications of this analysis are
applied to a number of passages in the New Testament. Historically, our
treatment begins with a clear grammatical principle articulated by Granville
Sharp, and ends with the present-day confusion. In 1798 Sharp published a
monograph in which he articulated a rule of Greek grammar, to the effect
that in TSKS, when the substantives were singular, personal, and other than
proper names, both had the same referent. He applied this to
christologically significant passages such as Titus 2:13 and 2 Peter 1:1.
But Sharp's canon has been frequently misunderstood, and consequently,
assumed to be invalid. An examination of the New Testament data and other
ancient Greek literature revealed that Sharp's rule has a general validity
in the language. All so-called exceptions seemed to be more apparent than
real, and can be accounted for on linguistic principle. Further, the various
permutations of TSKS displayed different, but nevertheless relatively
coherent, patterns of meaning. Plural personal constructions rarely involved
identical referents, except with participles; plural nouns were typically
referentially discrete, but several examples involved some sort of overlap.
Impersonal constructions only rarely suggested identity of referent; they
routinely implied distinct or overlapping entities. A number of exegetically
significant texts are affected by the linguistic-phenomenological
investigation. In particular, there is a strong antecedent probability that
the constructions in Matthew 24:3, Ephesians 2:20, 4:11, and 2 Thessalonians
2:1 probably do not imply identity, while the constructions in Titus 2:13
and 2 Peter 1:1 most likely do. 
Accession No: AAI9531285 

And this is for the book. I'm not sure if you're looking to Interlibrary
Loan this item or actually purchase it. If it's an ILL you're looking for,
this info is what you need. It's not listed in any newer editions in Books
in Print so if you want to purchase it you'd probably have to try your luck
with used book stores.

Libraries with Item: "The papyrus fragments of ..."( Record for Item
)Location Code Library 

Record for Item: "The papyrus fragments of ..."( Libraries with Item )

Database: WorldCat 
Title: The papyrus fragments of the Greek New Testament /
Author(s): Schofield, Ellwood Mearle  
Year: 1936  
Description: vi, 363 leaves : ill. ; 29 cm. 
Language: English 
Descriptor: Manuscripts, Greek (Papyri)  
Title Subject: Bible.  N.T. Manuscripts. Greek. 
Note(s): Bibliography: leaves 352-363./ Dissertation: Thesis (Ph.
D.)--Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1936. 
Responsibility: Ellwood Mearle Schofield. 
Document Type: Book 
Accession No: OCLC: 19719280 


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> I may ask 
> anybody for sending a copy.
> Daniel B. Wallace, The Article with Multiple Substantives 
> Connected by KAI 
> in the New Testament: Semantics and Significance. PhD 
> Dissertation, Dallas 
> Theological Seminary 1995.
> E.M. Schofield, The Papyrus Fragments of the Greek New Testament, 
> Clinton/New Jersey 1936.
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