Differences between published copies of the Greek New Testam

Thu Jan 7 16:04:14 EST 1999

Mark Goodacre writes:
One of the annoyances to me about NA27 in comparison with NA26 is that it is 
no longer pocket size!  One always used to be able to pop NA26 into one's 
jacket pocket on the way to a seminar but alas no more with NA27.  Most 

A hearty agreement with Mark.  This is why I keep a copy of NA26 in both my 
office and my home study, so that I can pocket it before heading for a 
meeting or whatever where carrying a portfolio or briefcase (to hold
NA 27 or UBS-GNT3) is not convenient.

To be honest:

For reading and study, I use a UBS-GNT3corr. and a NA27-Grossdruck (large-
type edition).  For classes, NA27.  For carrying in pocket, NA26.

Translation: When I can pamper my eyesight, the bigger fonts.  When
portability outweighs all, smallest page-size.  When eager to imagine
I am blind, UBS4.

Edward Hobbs

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