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>I'd heard a date of somewhere in the late 120's or early 130's (one of
>Raymond E. Brown's articles in The New Jerome Biblical Commentary; either
>"Texts and Versions" or "Canonicity") for (was it?) P52, but I hadn't heard
>of an earlier witness, or an earlier date, either for that scrap of
>parchment or another.  What are the arguments for a date earlier than
>Brown's postulation?  

Dating papyri mss is a dicey affair.  We can generally be assured of a date
paleographically + or - 25 years or so.  So if we say 125 for P52 in fact it
could have been composed anywhere from 100 to 150- give or take.

We certainly cannot say "P52 was composed on Jan 2, 118 CE" or anything even
like that!  So, when the earlier post asked if P52 could have originated
around 110 I "opined" that it could- because it could have.




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