Luke 5.29 - Levi's party guests

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Tue Jan 5 19:01:14 EST 1999

wross wrote:
> {Jack}
> What could be responsible for the public opinion of them is that they
> collected the rent on public lands.  The contract was
> awarded every five years to the highest bidder by the censor, so old
> Mattityahu Levi and his family (which may have included Jesus' uncle) must
> have had some big shekels.
> {Bill}
> So you do agree that, at least as far the NT is concerned (and not just
> popular church legends), the publicans had a particularly bad reputation?

The Publicani contracted out construction jobs, road building, etc.
Given these duties of the Publicani, the opportunity for graft,
and corruption, cronyism and nepotism would have made Washington DC
That's why when they resurrected the system in the recent US, all they
did was put a "re-" in front of the word. hehe


taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

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