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>I have noticed some places in my Nestles (4th Rev Ed) where italicised
>brakcets enclose a word or phrase, but absolutely no mention is made of
>it in the apparatus below. Two that I have chosen at random are Mark
>3:33,35 and 5:42.

Hmmm... No such thing occurs in Nestle/Aland 27.

I looked at the 4th ed. of the GNT and suspect that all the brackets in the
thing are italicised- the whole text is!  

>When I look at the intro, it says these refer to "an abnormality
>reproduced exactly from the original". 

I suspect this merely means that when you see something in brackets you
should be aware of the fact that some ancient mss. differ as to the reading.
To find the various mss you should check the apparatus.  

> Does this mean that there is an
>error in the greek which has persisted in every single ancient

No- such a thing would mean the editors are offering a reading not supported
by ANY mss... something they simply do not do.

>If so, what is the error in these three cases?  I can't see
>it.  Where have I gone wrong?

I think your simply seeing these brackets as especially italicized- but
again- the WHOLE text is in italics- so the brackets are too.

>These seem to be quite frequent in Mark (more so than other books).  Any

Well dunno about that.  Take a gander at Rev. where textual variants abound.
Get ya a copy of NA 27 and you will be better off anyway.  The apparatus is
better and the print is certainly easier to read.

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