Rom 12:2 part 4 - ANAKAINWSIS pauline neologism

Jürg Buchegger j.buchegger at
Mon Jan 4 04:13:28 EST 1999

Here is my fourth question on Rom 12:2:
4. What can be said about pauline neologisms? Are there any?
I'm aware of the statistical problem and the question of the innovative
force of Christianity. Again my interest here is in contributions from the
perspective of the Greek language. My research so far showed, that
ANAKAINOW/WSIS (V.2) seems definitly to be such a pauline neologism. What
can one say about the appearing of new words in Greek (I have read some
general remarks on the invention of new words especially in the time of
Koine  through the encounter with other cultures and parts and countries of
the world (broadening of the physical horizon brings broadening of the
Wortschatz?) Are there other explanations? Literature about this? Is there a
specialist in the history and development of the Greek language (or another
comparable language) out there?

Juerg Buchegger

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