"Make fences" for us the parable...

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Fri Jan 1 20:48:23 EST 1999

Matthew 13:36 “Explain to us the parable” is a request that he “define” it,
as in “make fences”

I got this message on the B-Greek List and was wondering where you learned
that it was a request that Jesus "make fences"?  That being the case, that
passage is highly reflective of Tractate Avot wherein one is called to build
a fence around the Torah.  Do you have a citation I could use in writing and

[Note: I always forget how to transliterate phi so I use an F - hope you can
understand it]
The word in question is FRAZW (which is where we get the English word
"phrase", which means to parse something complex (like a sentence or piece
of music) into clearly defined units of thought). The origin of FRAZW is
presumed to be FRASSW - to fence, or enclose. FRASSW, in turn, probably
comes from FRAW - to rein in, or curb. The word for "Fence" is FRAGMOS.

The Complete Biblical Library reports:

"Moulton-Milligan cites a papyrus instance in which FRAZW was used of the
requirements that orchard owners "register" themselves, that is, "make
clear" their names and the villages where they live."

See also:




Please share any insights you gain concerning this.



PS. I define "confusion" as treating two things that are different as if
they are the same thing. FRAZW would be accomplish the opposite.

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