Greek Alphabetization for Children

David A Bielby dbielby at
Wed Dec 15 21:00:10 EST 1999

Thanks for the idea.  Greek Alphabetarion is a group of products on the 
web at: 
by Harvey Bluedorn. I was wondering if anyone had the products and if they 
were helpful to them...please contact me...perhaps off list.

Thanks for any input on this.

David Bielby
the Vineyard

On 12/15/99, ""KAREN PITTS" <kpitts at>" wrote:
> I learned my Greek Alphabetization as a teenager (I don't know whether that
> qualifies me as a child).  I was taking Latin at the time and Minnesota
> Latin (or Classics) teachers held a classics weekend at one of the state
> colleges.  We would have electives of several classes and one year I took
> Greek.  Our teacher had us chant the alphabet in groups (sort of like the
> ABC song).
> It stuck so (with 45 min exposure) that I could retrieve it some
> twenty-five years later when I started studying Greek for real.
> We had a thread a while back where people were actually mapping the Greek
> alphabet to the ABC song.  It's over a year ago 'cause I can't find it in
> my archives, but maybe you could search the B-Greek archives.
> God bless.
> Karen
> Karen Pitts
> kpitts at
> Hopewell, NJ

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